How to Post a Sell Trade Ad With Credit Line

Credit line is an exclusive feature on BuyCoins and is only available to specific high volume traders. You can find out more here - Credit Line Information, Deadlines & Penalties.

Traders with credit line on BuyCoins can now trade with their credit line via the peer-to-peer trade platform.

You can post a trade sell trade ad with your credit line in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Go to the post a trade ad page

Click the hamburger menu and select 'Post a Trade Ad'.

Step 2: Create a sell trade ad and set your sell trade ad preferences

To post a sell trade, select the ‘Sell BTC’ option from the 'Post a Trade Ad' page and set your price per BTC. Click on the 'Static Price' drop down if you would like to select a dynamic price*.

Set your trade ad preferences by selecting the naira price per unit of BTC you are willing to sell, and the minimum and maximum amounts you’re willing to sell. You can set your preferred price according to your needs and how quickly you want to sell.

Step 3: Click on "Use Credit Line" and post your trade ad

If you do not have enough BTC in your wallet to complete, you would be given the option to use your credit line to post your trade ad. Click on "Use Credit Line" and click on "Review Details". The review details page shows you the details of the trade ad you're about to put up. Please confirm the BTC amount you're selling and the price per BTC you're selling at and click on "Post Sell Trade Ad".

When your ad is active, your coins would be held in escrow. Once the borrowed coins are spent on a trade engagement, you will have 6 hours to pay back. You can view your add in the "Trade P2P" menu.

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