How to Post a Buy Trade Ad

A BuyCoins buy trade ad is an advertisement that lets other users know you’re willing buy cryptocurrency. Trading Peer-to-peer on BuyCoins is secure and instant. This means that your coins are released to you immediately you make payment to the seller. No wait time.

To be able to trade peer-to-peer on BuyCoins, you need to have a fully verified account and be logged in. If you don't have a BuyCoins account, you can create one here.

Step 1: Go to the Post a Trade Ad page

Click the hamburger menu and select 'Post a Trade Ad'.

Step 2: Create a buy trade ad

To post a buy trade, select the ‘Buy BTC’ option on the 'Post a Trade Ad' page and set your price per BTC.  Click on the 'Static Price' drop down if you would like to select a dynamic price*.

*Dynamic Pricing is a feature that enables users create trade ads at rates that change depending on a drop or spike in the general price of cryptocurrency.

Step 3: Set your buy trade ad preferences

From the 'Post a Trade Ad' page, set your trade ad preferences by selecting the price per unit of BTC you are willing to buy, and the minimum and maximum amounts you’re willing to buy. You can set your preferred price according to your needs and how quickly you want to buy.

Step 4: Confirm Trade ad

After confirming your amount and the Minimum and Maximum trade limits, click on 'Review Details'. After clicking on 'Review Details', you will be taken to a 'Confirm Trade Ad' page where you go through the details of your buy trade ad and confirm that the details are correct. Click ‘Post Buy Trade Ad’ after you're satisfied with the information displayed.

Please note that we do not escrow your NGNT. When someone attempts to sell to you, NGNT will be automatically debited from your account. If you do not have enough NGNT, you would need to deposit naira into your NGNT account to complete the trade. You have only 15 minutes to make this deposit before the trade expires.

After clicking on 'Post Buy Trade Ad', you then see a summary page of your trade ad.

After successfully posting a buy trade, the trade becomes active. However, there are two states your trade ad can be in:

  • Active: This means that your trade ad is visible to everyone.
  • Inactive: This means your trade ad won't be visible to anyone but you.

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