How to use the Telegram Bot

BuyCoins Telegram Bot is a way for you to trade over-the-counter with other BuyCoins traders. All you have to do is connect this bot to your BuyCoins account and begin to trade!

Here's how to trade with BuyCoins Trade Bot

You can start trading over-the-counter on the Trade Bot in two easy steps! To proceed, click on start at the bottom of the page.

The first step is to link your BuyCoins account. Click on "Link BuyCoins Account" and input your BuyCoins username. Please ensure that you're signed in on the app and push notifications is turned on.

After this, click on the "The username is correct! Click to proceed" button

A push notification is then sent to you. You will need to input the 6 digit authentication code sent to you to continue. Doing this should successfully link your account to the trade bot.

Please note that the bot will never ask you for your BuyCoins password. You will only need to authenticate the bot with your authentication code.

If you do not receive a push notification, kindly authenticate this with your BuyCoin token from your authentication app (e.g Google Authenticator). If you have SMS as your BuyCoins Authentication method, you may need to change this to Google Authenticator to proceed.

STEP 2 - Start Trading!

You can now start trading! To learn how to buy & sell, send "/help" for a list of commands and how they work.

List of Trade Bot commands and how they work

  1. How to send an offer to buy BTC:

- '/buy [BTC Amount] @ [Price per BTC]'

- Example: '/buy 2.5 @ 3.5m'

The 'm' at the end of the Naira Price means million.

To post a buy offer, you must have up to the Total offer amount in your NGNT account

  1. How to send an offer to sell BTC:

- '/sell [BTC Amount] @ [Price per BTC]'

- Example: '/sell 1.6 @ 5.3m'

The 'm' at the end of the Naira Price means million.

To post a sell offer, you must have up to the BTC amount in your BuyCoins BTC account

  1. How to check your NGNT & BTC balances

- '/balance'

Sending a buy or sell offer alerts other Trade Bot users of your trade. You are also alerted when other Trade Bot users make an offer.

NOTE: Creating a new offer/counter-offer will cause any previously open offer to automatically expire.

When you receive a buy/ sell offer, you can either ccept the offer or make a counter offer. Accepting the offer means that the BTC/ NGNT would be deducted from your account and sent to the other trader and vice versa.

A counter offer is like a trade negitiation. You're able to tell the buyer/seller the price or amount you would like to buy/ sell to them at and they can either accept or reject your offer.

Reduce Notifications/ messages

If you are not interested in receiving notifications about trades above or below a certain amount (BTC), you can set the range you wish to be notified about.

To choose which offers get sent to you, open the BuyCoins app, go to Settings > Telegram Bot Settings

You may now choose the range of offers you're interested in seeing!

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