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Buycoins Pro matches orders on the exchange with: 

  • orders from other users
  • and liquidity from external exchanges around the world. 

Buycoins Pro aims to be the most robust source of liquidity in the continent & bringing liquidity from the broader crypto market is one way we’ll chase that goal!

Things to note about External Orders: 

  1. Please note that none of this is investment or financial advice.
  2. Buycoins reserves the final right to interpretation of all actions on its platform.
  3. Using Buycoins Pro means that you authorize Buycoins to temporarily control the Digital Currencies involved in your Transaction and fulfill orders on your behalf.
  4. Buycoins does not guarantee that any order will be fulfilled/executed.
  5. Your order may be partially fulfilled if the amount left falls below the external exchanges' minimum amount. Market orders will be cancelled if they can't be filled immediately. Limit orders will remain open until it's cancelled by you or if another Buycoins Pro user places a matching order.
  6. In some market situations, you may find it difficult or impossible to complete an order. This may occur as a result of insufficient market liquidity on the external exchanges, technical issues or orderbook changes from the external exchanges.
  7. Buycoins reserves the right to reject any cancellation request related to an order you have submitted. Once your order has been matched with an External Order, you may not change or cancel Buycoins’ authorization to complete the order.
  8. You should fully understand the risks associated with trading and be fully responsible for any trading activities under your Buycoins Account.
  9. This document may become out of date at some point and fail to reflect updated policies.

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