How to Deposit Naira on Buycoins

Deposits on Buycoins are powered by Sendcashpay. You don't need to manually transfer money into another user's account. All you have to do is sign in with your credentials, authenticate your payment and your NGNT account will be credited.

This payment method is only available to GTBank, Kuda, Zenith, Access, Diamond, FCMB, First Bank, and Providus banks at the moment. We are working on making this payment method available for other banks. This article will show you how to deposit on Buycoins.

Step 1: Select the "Deposit & Withdraw Naira" Option

Click on the "Accounts" button and select the “Deposit Naira” option at the top of the accounts page.

Click on "Continue" then input the amount you want to deposit and click "Deposit Naira." The next page you will see is the Sendcash Pay page, please read the End User Privacy Policy and click on "Continue."

Select the bank you want to deposit from and input your mobile banking details to link the bank account.

Please note that your login credential is the same one you use for your internet/mobile banking platform. You will not be able to sign in if you use the incorrect credentials.

Step 3: Confirm your payment

You would be directed to pick a bank to deposit from (you can add a different bank from the one you already linked). Review the details of your deposit and confirm the amount you wish to deposit.

You will be required to authenticate your payment on the next page. Please note that the credential you use on this page depends on your bank. For example, you will be required to use your transaction pin for Kuda bank while GTBank will require your token (this can be a hard one from your physical token or a soft one from *737*7#) and secret answer.

You can only link and make deposits from a bank account that belongs to you.

That's it. You have just deposited Naira and your NGNT account would be credited with the same amount. You will be redirected to the page below.

NGNT is a stable coin pegged to the Naira. Hence, 1Naira = 1NGNT.

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