How to Buy on Buycoins

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Buycoins enables users to buy & sell stocks and crypto — Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, Amazon, Apple and many more. With Buycoins, you can trade your favourite assets in under a minute, hassle-free.

Step 1: Click 'Trade' at the top or bottom of your home page

Step 2: Select the stock or coin you want to buy


Step 3: Click the continue button once you’re done reading the explanation on live prices

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to buy & click ‘review details’

You can either enter the Naira amount you want to spend or the asset amount you want to buy.
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Step 5: Confirm Purchase

Ensure your transaction details are correct before you click 'Buy'. Also, remember the price shown is only an estimate.
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That is all. Your order has been placed and your account should be credited within 3 minutes. You can click on ‘view order’ to view your transaction.

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